The bridge

“Teacher”! She screamed, i turned immediately and i saw Itoro running towards me with a very big bright happiness. She is one of my students at school and she saw me walking pass her mum’s shop. While we were exchanging pleasantries my eyes caught hers and i saw admiration all over her face, i instantly felt this uncontrollably rush of guilt. “No! No! Don’t admire me like this, this type of dress isn’t want qualifies you as beautiful my love” i wanted to tell her but i couldn’t. On that day February 2020, let’s just say i could have dressed better.

In my years of teaching young children i have come to realise that, there is more to it than the fun and cute faces. You are not just a parent outside their homes, you are a role model, an idol, a hero etc.

A wise man once said “ teachers are like bridges” they take people from where they are to where they need to be without letting them fall off the bridge. Now, for children its a little more difficult because they clearly do not know their needs and wants so its part of your job to navigate them.

These young ones give us a sense of accountability which drives us to becoming better, not just for the kids but for ourselves as well. I have seen teachers who have this “he is not my kid so i don’t care, i can’t kill myself” kind of attitude i know some kids are more difficult than the others but surely there are ways to handle them.

I love my kids, all sixty of them so i let go of some things that i know i wouldn’t be proud of if caught, let’s just call it sacrifice.
Teaching has taught me patience, transparency, discipline, accountability, meekness, decency and i had to triple my studying game because my kids are way too smarter than their age.

Please know this, you are everything that child wants to be and more. While some kids see the imperfection in their parents, they see no flaw in their teacher. Use that as an advantage and cross that child to the side of the bridge where he needs to be.

Thank you and may God bless your effort.

14 thoughts on “The bridge”

  1. Nothing was left unsaid, Wendy. To teach there has to be the training and the heart. More of the latter than the former. Thank you for putting your heart into it and succinctly penning down this.

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  2. Children education is not limited to a scheme of work or course outline. They are there to learn about life also. These kids don’t just learn by listening to the Teachers but also by observation and critical thought. Teachers are role models and the realisation of this fact will definitely go a long way in restructuring the behavioral patterns of the present day educational system and hereby brewing better grown-ups for the society

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  3. Ok I hope and wish every teacher out there reads this and understand that they’re more than just being a mere and improve on being a great role model to their students/pupils teacher. Well done Wendy

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    1. This is a Great Reminder of the demands and responsibility of being a Teacher. Beyond the subject content to living out the necessary standards and values that will shape the kids entrusted to our care. Thank You Wendy

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  4. Wendy this is so amazing. You never disappoint with your piece. I’m so sorry 😞 it took me a “century” to tender a feedback. One truth about being a teacher is the fact that in being a teacher you learn more.

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