The Bigger Picture

Do you know that a change of lane is not necessarily out of track? There is always a bone of connection.

I was posted to an all girls secondary school as a corper for my one year service, when I got to the school and met with the vice principal, I handed my posting letter to her and one glance at it she said they would only accept me if I would agree to teach French other than that, they don’t have vacancy for any other subject related to my discipline, before I could process the whole idea of becoming a French teacher and I thought of how most students don’t take French seriously, yes I love to teach but I love to teach what I know and understand and French isn’t one of such things so I was both confused and scared. Matter of fact, what really got to me was the English and literature textbooks I brought from home hoping to teach the senior classes{lols}.

“I was standing all tall and confident so well they didn’t see how nervous i was”

I snapped backed to reality when I heard “corper are you going to teach the French or not? French isn’t even on the list of things I want to learn or do…I murmured however, I heard myself say “yes Ma I will teach the French”.

Two weeks later, I was standing in front of over 40 students introducing myself as their new French teacher teaching ‘bonjour’ and ‘ça va’ I remember laughing so hard when I got back to my office because I was looking all confident and serious and the little ones didn’t know how nervous I was standing there and teaching. I spent the past week downloading lots of French apps that could make learning French easier especially audio, they helped but not so well so I decided to take a step further.

“I know me i knew i wasn’t going to settle for less”

It’s true I was scared and confused at first, but I know me, I knew immediately I took that offer I was going to give it my best shot and I was going to go extra to be good at it. So I enrolled in a French school, I became a student in the evening and a professeur in the morning. yes! It was stressful but I managed till I finished A1[beginner’s level} and I am still going to other levels. Enrolling in a French school has made teaching French a lot easier and fun.

Change of lane isn’t always out of track”

Imagine if I rejected the offer from the vice principal, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that there might not be better offers out there but what if learning French was a step in the right direction for me and I screwed up and realize in maybe 2 or 5years time that I should have learned French and didn’t?
Nothing is ever as it seems, most times we make up excuses for ourselves but I dare you to pay attention to the signs because most often than not it is what it seems like. When we are presented with offers unfamiliar with us we shouldn’t be in a haste to cast it aside because change of lane isn’t always out of track, it is just a different lane towards the bigger picture.
The bigger picture should always be the goal and there are different lanes in arriving there however, some lanes are less rossy than the others therefore, it is pertinent for us to first see how an offer takes us closer to the bigger picture before accepting or rejecting it….

41 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture”

  1. Beautiful. Thanks For this and reminding us that Change of lane is not always out of track.

    Reminds me of how I had to start taking Scriptwriting Classes.


  2. Amazing Wendy ❤️ To think we had a not very good Foundation in French way back in school, that was a huge bold step to take. Admire your Courage dear.. certainly a change in lane isn’t lost of direction.


  3. Congratulations madamé, Tu es bonné.

    I dunno what that means but I know it’s positive. 😊. Well-done


  4. You have done noble sis, most times our track to Success drives us to a different approach.
    Take cutivating and ur harvest is inevitable.


  5. Nice one wendy, so proud of you; i love the part that you had to enroll for a french class just to give it your best, i’m so sure that this is a process to the bigger picture. And whatsoever we learn today is always needed tomorrow.. Keep it up wendysplash


  6. Nice piece. I have changed Lane quiet often and about to do so again. The goal remains the same, getting to the bigger picture.


  7. Wow!!. I will call this, “A Masterpiece”. I follow up all your piece but I will say this is my favourite piece cause I had similar challenge (mine was in Real Estate) and I felt I was not on my lane.. Too bad I dropped it and refused the offer cause I felt I was going out of my track.. So I will conclude by saying, this is a great deal of lesson/encouragement to not just me to people out there.. Am proud of you baby girl..

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  8. Wow!!, I will call this “A Masterpiece” and my favourite of all your piece cause am intrigued by it. I was faced with similar challenge but unfortunately I refused the offer cause I felt I was not on the right track and am leaving my lane to venture into what I had no idea about. I will say this is a lesson and an encouragement for everyone. Am proud of you dear.


  9. ‘You can do it only if you set your heart at it’ is my personal title for this piece. I learnt 4 lessons from your story 1. thinking outside the box 2. Nothing is impossible 3. Challenge the inner you 4. do not limit yourself. In all I find this piece very inspiring and its worthy to say you’re an epitome of intelligence

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  10. This is beautiful. Took me back to my own secondary school days. I had the worst French teacher, beginning to wonder if they forced her too.
    You did good dear.

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      1. Thanks dear. I was right there when you walked into the vice principal’s house. When she gave u a choice,i saw how lost in thoughts u were and i said,
        ” Its a junior class we will take ,so don’t be scared”. Sometimes,fear strikes and we doubt our capabilities. If you take fear as ur enemy sometimes then trust u will be heading for a live changing opportunity.

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