One day I will become a world famous t.v host, author, mother, wife, mentor etc. One day I will travel around the world to places I have only imagined of going, one day I will be a helper to billions of people by all means necessary.
Now the question is,will you know when that “one day” comes? when it eventually comes. oh! i mean if it eventually comes..
what is the difference between one day and today, what is so important about one day that you give silly excuses why it cannot be today, maybe because you have too many responsibilities so there is no time to write, sing, mentor and what have you, therefore, it cannot be today but one day. Don’t you think that one day means NEVER? Today you are responsible for this or that, tomorrow it will be for Tom or Harry and the day after the story is endless.

I think you should do what you want right now, let today be a starting point for a greater achievement. Great men didn’t just achieve a lot in a day but at least they started and didn’t just wait for one day.
Oh! I believed so much in one day, till I realised that I don’t have one day because it is only a fantasy that exists in my imagination, but I am sure of today and that is because I am living it which is more than all I need.
The day you start fulfilling your bucket list, that day will be your one day, so treat each day as your last, that way all you have is ONE DAY.

14 thoughts on “ONE DAY”

  1. Hey Wendy…. I’ve got plenty ‘one-days’ in my life, thank you for this quick reminder of making today my one day! I love you, you know I do… 😂 😂

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