Do It Anyway

I created this blog couple of months ago but most times when I want to post something here, I just feel it is not appropriate for a first time post “it might not make a good impression” so I thought. Nevertheless, I kept procrastinating all in the name of getting a an appropriate first time post. But then I figured, I might never get that appropriate post, that it might be in the inappropriateness of my post that I will be able to reach out to the kind of readers that I desire. So I decided to post anyway regardless of all the errors and rough work or inappropriateness.

This however, is a typical example of our everyday life, I mean, we think we need to put so much in ourselves just so we impress the next person or they see us as perfect but at the end of the day we receive little or no appreciation..

Please don’t get me wrong, if you want to put so much in yourself or over work yourself, it is OK just go on and do it BUT not with the aim of impressing someone else.

In the same vein, if there is a unique gift you have such as, singing, writing etc. And you are waiting for the right time to start? I hate to break it to you sweetheart but there is no appropriate time because every time is an appropriate time to start something though it might appear blur but with consistency it will be clear enough. Do you know that, there are opportunities in inappropriate conditions only if we are prepared thereby making us Resilient.

I know this piece is more like a cliché but have we ever wondered why we have clichés? I think it is because we are not doing what we ought to do and there are so many things we are ignorant about. There is no harm in failing or falling, making mistakes, getting booed. If we keep thinking or imagining what people’s reaction will be when we start something, we will end up not trying to start at all.
Writing this post now, I know there are some errors both in punctuation and grammar, notwithstanding all that,I was tired of procrastinating and waiting for the perfect piece with little or no errors. So I finally got a first time blog post, so should you, just do it anyway regardless of any seeming hopeless condition.

31 thoughts on “Do It Anyway”

      1. How do I open an account with you,Ma and I hope there will no be any form of plagiarism here


  1. Wendysplash!!! This is bold and this I beautiful!!! Perfection Is overrated. I personally feel baby steps are the biggest. Thanks for this, by now you should know how much I love to read your articles. 😘😘

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  2. So, it’s my turn to comment.
    Without mixing words, I’d say every master piece had always have an immediate error before perfection.
    Unusual of me, but I love this piece.
    Keep it up big sissy

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  3. This is exactly what I set out to do onwards… Try everything try it now even as its being said. It works out fine yaye… It doesn’t then I move on to the next.. I’ve procrastinated all my life. Not anymore

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  4. So, it’s my turn to comment!
    Without mixing words, I’d say every master piece had always have an immediate error before perfection.

    Unusual of me, but I love this piece.
    I love you big sissy.

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  5. Leggo!!!
    No more procrastination!!
    Now is the time to take that step!
    Those are the words that kept running through my mind after reading.
    God bless you Darl😘

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  6. I have always known you to be a smart woman but I never knew you were good at putting words together. It’s amazing to know that we are good enough for the things we want but our minds plays the trick on us. Inspirational words from wendy. I’m happy to have read this post.

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